Class ArcTypeBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Binding, ComplexBinding

    public class ArcTypeBinding
    extends AbstractComplexBinding
    <complexType name="ArcType"> <annotation> <documentation>An Arc is an arc string with only one arc unit, i.e. three control points.</documentation> </annotation> <complexContent> <restriction base="gml:ArcStringType"> <sequence> <choice> <annotation> <documentation>GML supports two different ways to specify the control points of a curve segment. 1. A sequence of "pos" (DirectPositionType) or "pointProperty" (PointPropertyType) elements. "pos" elements are control points that are only part of this curve segment, "pointProperty" elements contain a point that may be referenced from other geometry elements or reference another point defined outside of this curve segment (reuse of existing points). 2. The "posList" element allows for a compact way to specifiy the coordinates of the control points, if all control points are in the same coordinate reference systems and belong to this curve segment only. The number of direct positions in the list must be three.</documentation> </annotation> <choice minOccurs="3" maxOccurs="3"> <element ref="gml:pos"/> <element ref="gml:pointProperty"/> <element ref="gml:pointRep"> <annotation> <documentation>Deprecated with GML version 3.1.0. Use "pointProperty" instead. Included for backwards compatibility with GML 3.0.0.</documentation> </annotation> </element> </choice> <element ref="gml:posList"/> <element ref="gml:coordinates"> <annotation> <documentation>Deprecated with GML version 3.1.0. Use "posList" instead.</documentation> </annotation> </element> </choice> </sequence> <attribute name="numArc" type="integer" use="optional" fixed="1"> <annotation> <documentation>An arc is an arc string consiting of a single arc, the attribute is fixed to "1".</documentation> </annotation> </attribute> </restriction> </complexContent> </complexType>
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