Class SubstitutionGroupLeakPreventer

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    public class SubstitutionGroupLeakPreventer
    extends Object
    implements Adapter
    Adapter for preventing memory leaks created by substitution group affiliations.

    When an application schema contains an element in the gml:_Feature substitution group a link from gml:_Feature back to the app schema element is created. Since the gml schema (and thus the gml:_Feature) element is a singleton this creates a memory leak. This adapter watches the XSDElementDeclaration.getSubstitutionGroup() of the gml:_Feature element and prevents it from growing in size by making it a unique list of XSDElementDeclaration based on qualified name.

    Justin Deoliveira, OpenGeo
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      • SubstitutionGroupLeakPreventer

        public SubstitutionGroupLeakPreventer()
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        public Notifier getTarget()
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        getTarget in interface Adapter
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        public void setTarget​(Notifier newTarget)
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        public boolean isAdapterForType​(Object type)
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        public void notifyChanged​(Notification notification)
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