Class ReferencingDirectiveLeakPreventer

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    public class ReferencingDirectiveLeakPreventer
    extends Object
    implements Adapter
    Adapter to prevent memory leaks that occur when importing a gml schema.

    When an application schema imports the gml schema a link from the gml schema to the app schema is created. Since the gml schema is a singleton we store permenantly this causes a memory leak. This adapter watches the XSDSchema.getReferencingDirectives() list and ensures that it does not continue to grow by only allowing unique schema references (in terms of target namespace) to reference it.

    Justin Deoliveira, OpenGeo
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      • ReferencingDirectiveLeakPreventer

        public ReferencingDirectiveLeakPreventer()
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        public Notifier getTarget()
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        getTarget in interface Adapter
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        public void setTarget​(Notifier newTarget)
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        setTarget in interface Adapter
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        public boolean isAdapterForType​(Object type)
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        isAdapterForType in interface Adapter
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        public void notifyChanged​(Notification notification)
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        notifyChanged in interface Adapter