Class GMLConfiguration

  • public class GMLConfiguration
    extends Configuration
    Configuration used by gml2 parsers.
    Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project
    • Field Detail


        public static final QName NO_FEATURE_BOUNDS
        Property which controls whether encoded features should include bounds.

        public static final QName ENCODE_FEATURE_MEMBER
        Boolean property which controls whether the FeatureCollection should be encoded with multiple featureMember as opposed to a single featureMembers

        public static final QName NO_SRS_DIMENSION
        Boolean property which controls whether geometry and envelope objects are encoded with an srs dimension attribute (not really used for GML2, added for compatibility with GML3)

        public static final QName OPTIMIZED_ENCODING
        Property which engages "fast" gml encoding.
      • srsSyntax

        protected SrsSyntax srsSyntax
        Srs name style to encode srsName URI's with
      • numDecimals

        protected int numDecimals
        Number of decimals in the output
      • padWithZeros

        protected boolean padWithZeros
        Right-Pad coordinates decimals with zeros up to the configured number of decimals
      • forceDecimalEncoding

        protected boolean forceDecimalEncoding
        Force usage of decimals instead of scientific notation *
    • Constructor Detail

      • GMLConfiguration

        public GMLConfiguration()
        Creates the new gml configuration, with a depenendency on XLINKConfiguration
    • Method Detail

      • setSrsSyntax

        public void setSrsSyntax​(SrsSyntax srsSyntax)
        Sets the syntax to use for encoding srs uris.

        If this method is not explicitly called SrsSyntax#LEGACY is used as the default.

      • getSrsSyntax

        public SrsSyntax getSrsSyntax()
        Returns the syntax to use for encoding srs uris.
      • registerBindings

        public void registerBindings​(MutablePicoContainer container)
        Description copied from class: Configuration
        Registers the bindings for the configuration.

        This method is intended to provide the default bindings for a configuration and is intended to be subclassed by client code. Client code should use Configuration.configureBindings(MutablePicoContainer) . Subclasses should mark this method as final after implementing.

        registerBindings in class Configuration
        container - Container containing all bindings, keyed by QName.
      • getNumDecimals

        public int getNumDecimals()
        Returns the number of decimals that should be used for encoding coordinates (defaults to 6)
        the numDecimals
      • setNumDecimals

        public void setNumDecimals​(int numDecimals)
        Sets the number of decimals that should be used for encoding coordinates
        numDecimals - the numDecimals to set
      • setPadWithZeros

        public void setPadWithZeros​(boolean padWithZeros)
        Formats decimals of coordinates padding with zeros up to the configured number of decimals.
        padWithZeros - right pad decimals with zeros
      • setForceDecimalEncoding

        public void setForceDecimalEncoding​(boolean forceDecimalEncoding)
        Forces usage of decimal notation, avoiding scientific notations to encode coordinates.
        forceDecimalEncoding - avoid scientific notation, always use decimal
      • getPadWithZeros

        public boolean getPadWithZeros()
        Returns true if decimals of coordinates are padded with zeros up to the configured number of decimals.
        true if decimals are right-padded with zeros
      • getForceDecimalEncoding

        public boolean getForceDecimalEncoding()
        Returns true if decimal notation should always be used, and scientific notation always avoided.
        true if decimal notation is always used for encoding coordinates