Class TestHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    GMLHandlerJTS, ContentHandler, DTDHandler, EntityResolver, ErrorHandler, XMLFilter, XMLReader

    public class TestHandler
    extends XMLFilterImpl
    implements GMLHandlerJTS
    Simple test implementation of GMLHandlerJTS. This very simple handler just prints every JTS geometry that it gets to the standard output.
    Rob Hranac, Vision for New York
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      void geometry​(Geometry geometry)
      Receives OGC simple feature type geometry from parent.
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      • TestHandler

        public TestHandler()
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        public void geometry​(Geometry geometry)
        Description copied from interface: GMLHandlerJTS
        Receives OGC simple feature type geometry from parent.
        Specified by:
        geometry in interface GMLHandlerJTS
        geometry - the simple feature geometry