Class DefaultGranuleHandler

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    public class DefaultGranuleHandler
    extends Object
    implements GranuleHandler
    Default granule handling
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      • DefaultGranuleHandler

        public DefaultGranuleHandler()
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      • handleGranule

        public void handleGranule​(Object source,
                                  GridCoverage2DReader inputReader,
                                  SimpleFeature targetFeature,
                                  SimpleFeatureType targetFeatureType,
                                  SimpleFeature feature,
                                  SimpleFeatureType inputFeatureType,
                                  MosaicConfigurationBean mosaicConfiguration)
        Description copied from interface: GranuleHandler
        Handle the case of a grid coverage being added to the mosaic.
        Specified by:
        handleGranule in interface GranuleHandler
        source - input file
        inputReader - input reader of the incoming granule
        targetFeature - the target index feature
        targetFeatureType - the index schema
        feature - the incoming granule feature
        inputFeatureType - the incoming coverage schema
        mosaicConfiguration - the mosaic configuration