Class StaticGeometry

  • public class StaticGeometry
    extends Object
    David Blasby (The Open Planning Project)
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      static double area​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean between​(Object o, Object o_low, Object o_high)  
      static Geometry boundary​(Geometry arg0)  
      static int boundaryDimension​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry buffer​(Geometry arg0, Double arg1)  
      static Geometry bufferWithSegments​(Geometry arg0, Double arg1, Integer arg2)  
      static Geometry centroid​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean contains​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static Geometry convexHull​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean crosses​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static Geometry difference​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static int dimension​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean disjoint​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static double distance​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean double2bool​(Double d)  
      static Geometry endPoint​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry envelope​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean equalsExact​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean equalsExactTolerance​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1, Double arg2)  
      static boolean equalTo​(Object o1, Object o2)  
      static Geometry exteriorRing​(Geometry arg0)  
      static String geometryType​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry geomFromWKT​(String wkt)  
      static double geomLength​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry getGeometryN​(Geometry arg0, Integer arg1)  
      static double getX​(Geometry arg0)  
      static double getY​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean greaterEqualThan​(Object o1, Object o2)
      Delegates to FilterFactory
      static boolean greaterThan​(Object o1, Object o2)
      Delegates to FilterFactory
      static Object if_then_else​(Boolean p, Object a, Object b)  
      static boolean in10​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5, Object s6, Object s7, Object s8, Object s9, Object s10)  
      static boolean in2​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2)  
      static boolean in3​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3)  
      static boolean in4​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4)  
      static boolean in5​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5)  
      static boolean in6​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5, Object s6)  
      static boolean in7​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5, Object s6, Object s7)  
      static boolean in8​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5, Object s6, Object s7, Object s8)  
      static boolean in9​(Object s, Object s1, Object s2, Object s3, Object s4, Object s5, Object s6, Object s7, Object s8, Object s9)  
      static boolean int2bbool​(Integer i)  
      static double int2ddouble​(Integer i)  
      static Geometry interiorPoint​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry interiorRingN​(Geometry arg0, Integer arg1)  
      static Geometry intersection​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean intersects​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean isClosed​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean isEmpty​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean isLike​(String s1, String s2)  
      static boolean isNull​(Object o)  
      static boolean isRing​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean isSimple​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean isValid​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean isWithinDistance​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1, Double arg2)  
      static boolean lessEqualThan​(Object o1, Object o2)
      Delegates to FilterFactory
      static boolean lessThan​(Object o1, Object o2)
      Delegates to FilterFactory
      static Geometry minimumCircle​(Geometry g)  
      static Geometry minimumDiameter​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry minimumRectangle​(Geometry g)  
      static boolean not​(Boolean b)  
      static boolean notEqualTo​(Object o1, Object o2)  
      static int numGeometries​(Geometry arg0)  
      static int numInteriorRing​(Geometry arg0)  
      static int numPoints​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry octagonalEnvelope​(Geometry arg0)  
      static boolean overlaps​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean parseBoolean​(String s)  
      static double parseDouble​(String s)  
      static int parseInt​(String s)  
      static long parseLong​(String s)  
      static Geometry pointN​(Geometry arg0, Integer arg1)  
      static String relate​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean relatePattern​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1, String arg2)  
      static int roundDouble​(Double d)  
      static Point startPoint​(Geometry arg0)  
      static String strAbbreviate​(String s, Integer lower, Integer upper, String toAppend)  
      static String strCapitalize​(String s)  
      static String strConcat​(String s1, String s2)  
      static String strDefaultIfBlank​(String s, String defaultStr)  
      static boolean strEndsWith​(String s1, String s2)  
      static boolean strEqualsIgnoreCase​(String s1, String s2)  
      static int strIndexOf​(String s1, String s2)  
      static int strLastIndexOf​(String s1, String s2)  
      static int strLength​(String s1)  
      static boolean strMatches​(String s1, String s2)  
      static String strReplace​(String s1, String s2, String s3, Boolean bAll)  
      static boolean strStartsWith​(String s1, String s2)  
      static String strStripAccents​(String s)  
      static String strSubstring​(String s1, Integer beg, Integer end)  
      static String strSubstringStart​(String s1, Integer beg)  
      static String strToLowerCase​(String s1)  
      static String strToUpperCase​(String s1)  
      static String strTrim​(String s1)  
      static Geometry symDifference​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean touches​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static String toWKT​(Geometry arg0)  
      static Geometry union​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
      static boolean within​(Geometry arg0, Geometry arg1)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • StaticGeometry

        public StaticGeometry()
    • Method Detail

      • geomFromWKT

        public static Geometry geomFromWKT​(String wkt)
      • toWKT

        public static String toWKT​(Geometry arg0)
      • contains

        public static boolean contains​(Geometry arg0,
                                       Geometry arg1)
      • isEmpty

        public static boolean isEmpty​(Geometry arg0)
      • geomLength

        public static double geomLength​(Geometry arg0)
      • intersects

        public static boolean intersects​(Geometry arg0,
                                         Geometry arg1)
      • isValid

        public static boolean isValid​(Geometry arg0)
      • geometryType

        public static String geometryType​(Geometry arg0)
      • numPoints

        public static int numPoints​(Geometry arg0)
      • isSimple

        public static boolean isSimple​(Geometry arg0)
      • distance

        public static double distance​(Geometry arg0,
                                      Geometry arg1)
      • isWithinDistance

        public static boolean isWithinDistance​(Geometry arg0,
                                               Geometry arg1,
                                               Double arg2)
      • area

        public static double area​(Geometry arg0)
      • centroid

        public static Geometry centroid​(Geometry arg0)
      • interiorPoint

        public static Geometry interiorPoint​(Geometry arg0)
      • dimension

        public static int dimension​(Geometry arg0)
      • boundary

        public static Geometry boundary​(Geometry arg0)
      • boundaryDimension

        public static int boundaryDimension​(Geometry arg0)
      • envelope

        public static Geometry envelope​(Geometry arg0)
      • disjoint

        public static boolean disjoint​(Geometry arg0,
                                       Geometry arg1)
      • touches

        public static boolean touches​(Geometry arg0,
                                      Geometry arg1)
      • crosses

        public static boolean crosses​(Geometry arg0,
                                      Geometry arg1)
      • within

        public static boolean within​(Geometry arg0,
                                     Geometry arg1)
      • overlaps

        public static boolean overlaps​(Geometry arg0,
                                       Geometry arg1)
      • relatePattern

        public static boolean relatePattern​(Geometry arg0,
                                            Geometry arg1,
                                            String arg2)
      • relate

        public static String relate​(Geometry arg0,
                                    Geometry arg1)
      • bufferWithSegments

        public static Geometry bufferWithSegments​(Geometry arg0,
                                                  Double arg1,
                                                  Integer arg2)
      • buffer

        public static Geometry buffer​(Geometry arg0,
                                      Double arg1)
      • convexHull

        public static Geometry convexHull​(Geometry arg0)
      • intersection

        public static Geometry intersection​(Geometry arg0,
                                            Geometry arg1)
      • union

        public static Geometry union​(Geometry arg0,
                                     Geometry arg1)
      • difference

        public static Geometry difference​(Geometry arg0,
                                          Geometry arg1)
      • symDifference

        public static Geometry symDifference​(Geometry arg0,
                                             Geometry arg1)
      • equalsExactTolerance

        public static boolean equalsExactTolerance​(Geometry arg0,
                                                   Geometry arg1,
                                                   Double arg2)
      • equalsExact

        public static boolean equalsExact​(Geometry arg0,
                                          Geometry arg1)
      • numGeometries

        public static int numGeometries​(Geometry arg0)
      • getGeometryN

        public static Geometry getGeometryN​(Geometry arg0,
                                            Integer arg1)
      • getX

        public static double getX​(Geometry arg0)
      • getY

        public static double getY​(Geometry arg0)
      • isClosed

        public static boolean isClosed​(Geometry arg0)
      • pointN

        public static Geometry pointN​(Geometry arg0,
                                      Integer arg1)
      • startPoint

        public static Point startPoint​(Geometry arg0)
      • endPoint

        public static Geometry endPoint​(Geometry arg0)
      • isRing

        public static boolean isRing​(Geometry arg0)
      • exteriorRing

        public static Geometry exteriorRing​(Geometry arg0)
      • numInteriorRing

        public static int numInteriorRing​(Geometry arg0)
      • interiorRingN

        public static Geometry interiorRingN​(Geometry arg0,
                                             Integer arg1)
      • minimumCircle

        public static Geometry minimumCircle​(Geometry g)
      • minimumRectangle

        public static Geometry minimumRectangle​(Geometry g)
      • octagonalEnvelope

        public static Geometry octagonalEnvelope​(Geometry arg0)
      • minimumDiameter

        public static Geometry minimumDiameter​(Geometry arg0)
      • strConcat

        public static String strConcat​(String s1,
                                       String s2)
      • strEndsWith

        public static boolean strEndsWith​(String s1,
                                          String s2)
      • strStartsWith

        public static boolean strStartsWith​(String s1,
                                            String s2)
      • strEqualsIgnoreCase

        public static boolean strEqualsIgnoreCase​(String s1,
                                                  String s2)
      • strIndexOf

        public static int strIndexOf​(String s1,
                                     String s2)
      • strLastIndexOf

        public static int strLastIndexOf​(String s1,
                                         String s2)
      • strLength

        public static int strLength​(String s1)
      • strToLowerCase

        public static String strToLowerCase​(String s1)
      • strToUpperCase

        public static String strToUpperCase​(String s1)
      • strAbbreviate

        public static String strAbbreviate​(String s,
                                           Integer lower,
                                           Integer upper,
                                           String toAppend)
      • strCapitalize

        public static String strCapitalize​(String s)
      • strDefaultIfBlank

        public static String strDefaultIfBlank​(String s,
                                               String defaultStr)
      • strStripAccents

        public static String strStripAccents​(String s)
      • strMatches

        public static boolean strMatches​(String s1,
                                         String s2)
      • strReplace

        public static String strReplace​(String s1,
                                        String s2,
                                        String s3,
                                        Boolean bAll)
      • strSubstring

        public static String strSubstring​(String s1,
                                          Integer beg,
                                          Integer end)
      • strSubstringStart

        public static String strSubstringStart​(String s1,
                                               Integer beg)
      • strTrim

        public static String strTrim​(String s1)
      • parseDouble

        public static double parseDouble​(String s)
      • parseInt

        public static int parseInt​(String s)
      • parseLong

        public static long parseLong​(String s)
      • parseBoolean

        public static boolean parseBoolean​(String s)
      • roundDouble

        public static int roundDouble​(Double d)
      • int2ddouble

        public static double int2ddouble​(Integer i)
      • int2bbool

        public static boolean int2bbool​(Integer i)
      • double2bool

        public static boolean double2bool​(Double d)
      • if_then_else

        public static Object if_then_else​(Boolean p,
                                          Object a,
                                          Object b)
      • equalTo

        public static boolean equalTo​(Object o1,
                                      Object o2)
      • notEqualTo

        public static boolean notEqualTo​(Object o1,
                                         Object o2)
      • lessThan

        public static boolean lessThan​(Object o1,
                                       Object o2)
        Delegates to FilterFactory
      • greaterThan

        public static boolean greaterThan​(Object o1,
                                          Object o2)
        Delegates to FilterFactory
      • greaterEqualThan

        public static boolean greaterEqualThan​(Object o1,
                                               Object o2)
        Delegates to FilterFactory
      • lessEqualThan

        public static boolean lessEqualThan​(Object o1,
                                            Object o2)
        Delegates to FilterFactory
      • isLike

        public static boolean isLike​(String s1,
                                     String s2)
      • isNull

        public static boolean isNull​(Object o)
      • between

        public static boolean between​(Object o,
                                      Object o_low,
                                      Object o_high)
        true if value is between low and high
      • not

        public static boolean not​(Boolean b)
      • in2

        public static boolean in2​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2)
      • in3

        public static boolean in3​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3)
      • in4

        public static boolean in4​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4)
      • in5

        public static boolean in5​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4,
                                  Object s5)
      • in6

        public static boolean in6​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4,
                                  Object s5,
                                  Object s6)
      • in7

        public static boolean in7​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4,
                                  Object s5,
                                  Object s6,
                                  Object s7)
      • in8

        public static boolean in8​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4,
                                  Object s5,
                                  Object s6,
                                  Object s7,
                                  Object s8)
      • in9

        public static boolean in9​(Object s,
                                  Object s1,
                                  Object s2,
                                  Object s3,
                                  Object s4,
                                  Object s5,
                                  Object s6,
                                  Object s7,
                                  Object s8,
                                  Object s9)
      • in10

        public static boolean in10​(Object s,
                                   Object s1,
                                   Object s2,
                                   Object s3,
                                   Object s4,
                                   Object s5,
                                   Object s6,
                                   Object s7,
                                   Object s8,
                                   Object s9,
                                   Object s10)