Class NowFunction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Expression, Function, FunctionExpression, Factory

    public class NowFunction
    extends FunctionExpressionImpl
    Return the current time as a Date. When evaluated directly, it returns a new value at each invocation. When evaluated as part of a filter against a DataStore, the value might be one, and fixed, during the data access. For example:
    • If the datastore uses SimplifyingFilterVisitor, the function will be called once, and replaced with the returned value
    • If the datastore encodes the function down in a native query language, the value could also be the same for all processed features. For example, the PostgreSQL now function always returns the time at the beginning of the current transaction, to give a consistent notion of current time across it.
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      • NowFunction

        public NowFunction()
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        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: FunctionExpressionImpl
        Creates a String representation of this Function with the function name and the arguments. The String created should be good for most subclasses
        toString in class FunctionExpressionImpl