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    public interface FeatureIndex
    extends CollectionListener
    An Index is built up around a FeatureCollection, using one of the attributes in the SimpleFeatureCollection as a comparable reference.

    An object in a column can be any object, but must either be a java base-type Object (Integer, String, Character, etc.) or implement Comparable.

    An Index built on such a column will sort its array of object references using FeatureComparator. Implement this to perform more complex Index building.

    Ray Gallagher, Ian Schneider
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      • getFeatures

        Iterator getFeatures()
        Gets an "in order" Iterator of the Features as indexed.
        An Iterator of the Features within this index.
      • find

        Collection find​(Object key)
                 throws IllegalArgumentException
        Find all the Features within this index using a key.
        key - A key to look up the Features with.
        A java.util.Collection containing the matches. May be empty.
        IllegalArgumentException - If the key is incompatable with this index.