Class PropertyFeatureReader

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, FeatureReader<SimpleFeatureType,​SimpleFeature>

    public class PropertyFeatureReader
    extends Object
    implements FeatureReader<SimpleFeatureType,​SimpleFeature>
    Read a property file directly.

    This implementation does not perform any filtering or processing; it leaves that up to wrappers to manipulate the content into the format or projection requested by the user.

    The content of this file should start with a the property "_" with the value being the typeSpec describing the featureType. Thereafter each line will should have a FeatureID as the property and the attributes as the value separated by | characters.

     fid1=1|Jody|well known text
     fid2=2|Brent|well known text
     fid3=3|Dave|well known text

    Many values may be represented by a special tag: . An empty element: || is interpreted as the empty string:

      fid4=4|| -> Feature( id=2, name="", geom=null )
    Jody Garnett (LISAsoft), Torben Barsballe (Boundless)