Class Specification

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    WFSStrategy, WMSSpecification, WMTSSpecification

    public abstract class Specification
    extends Object
    Provides support for the Open Web Service Specificaitons.

    This class operates as a Factory creating request for Open Web Services.

    The idea is that this class operates a Toolkit for all things assocated with an Open Web Service specification. The various objects produced by this toolkit are used as strategy objects for the top level AbstractOpenWebService subclass. Example:

    • WebMapServer - uses a GetCapabilitiesRequest during version negotiation.

    Both name and version information that may be checked against a GetCapabilities document during version negotiation. Specific Open Web Service implementations can extend this interface to include details that are specific to their specification. Example: The Web Map Service specification includes more operations such as GetMap and GetFeatureInfo.

    Q: Why are these not static?
    A: Because we want to place new specifications into a data structure for WebMapServer to search through dynamically

    Jody Garnett, Refractions Reasearch, rgould
    • Constructor Detail

      • Specification

        public Specification()
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public abstract String getVersion()
        Expected version attribute for root element.
        the version as a String
      • createGetCapabilitiesRequest

        public abstract GetCapabilitiesRequest createGetCapabilitiesRequest​(URL server)
        Factory method to create GetCapabilities Request
        server - the URL that points to the server's getCapabilities document
        a configured GetCapabilitiesRequest that can be used to access the Document