Class ComplexFeatureConstants

  • public class ComplexFeatureConstants
    extends Object
    This is just a compilation of constants and static methods used in app-schema module.
    Rini Angreani (CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)
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        public static final String FEATURE_CHAINING_LINK_STRING
        Static attribute name used to link different feature types.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final Name FEATURE_CHAINING_LINK_NAME

        public static final PropertyDescriptor FEATURE_CHAINING_LINK
        Static attribute descriptor used to link different feature types. This attribute won't appear in the output document as it doesn't exist in the schema. Specifying the index would allow more than one instances to be used in one type that can be chained by different parent feature types.

        public static final String DEFAULT_GEOMETRY_LOCAL_NAME
        Static attribute name used for the auxiliary default geometry attribute, which is created when <defaultGeometry> is specified in the feature type mapping configuration.

        The constant represents to the local part of the qualified attribute name; the namespace URI is generated at runtime and will be the same as the namespace URI of the feature containing the geometry attribute.

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        Constant Field Values

        public static final Name XLINK_HREF_NAME
        Name representation of xlink:href
      • STRING_KEY

        public static final Hints.Key STRING_KEY
        Hints key for xlink:href used in ToXlinkHrefFunction

        public static final String MAPPED_ATTRIBUTE_INDEX
        User data key to indicate the specified attribute index in the mapping file for the case of multi-valued properties, e.g. gml:name[2]
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final Name SIMPLE_CONTENT
        Fake attribute name for simple contents of a complex type, eg. gml:name of gml:CodeType type
      • LAST_INDEX

        public static final String LAST_INDEX
        Constant to indicate the last row from denormalised rows.
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        Constant Field Values
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      • ComplexFeatureConstants

        public ComplexFeatureConstants()
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      • unpack

        public static Object unpack​(Object value)
        Unpacks a value from an attribute container