Class AppSchemaDataAccessDTO

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    public class AppSchemaDataAccessDTO
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Configuration object for a AppSchemaDataAccess.

    This configuration object contains all the needed elements for a AppSchemaDataAccess to aquire the source and target FeatureTypes, and apply the mappings between attributes to serve community schemas.

    Gabriel Roldan (Axios Engineering)
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • AppSchemaDataAccessDTO

        public AppSchemaDataAccessDTO()
    • Method Detail

      • getTargetSchemasUris

        public List<String> getTargetSchemasUris()
      • setTargetSchemasUris

        public void setTargetSchemasUris​(List<String> targetSchemasUris)
      • setNamespaces

        public void setNamespaces​(Map<String,​String> nameSpaces)
      • getNamespaces

        public Map<String,​String> getNamespaces()
      • setIncludedTypes

        public void setIncludedTypes​(ArrayList<String> includes)
        Set the path of other related types that are mapped separately
      • getIncludes

        public List<String> getIncludes()
        Return the list of paths of related types that are mapped separately
      • setSourceDataStores

        public void setSourceDataStores​(List<SourceDataStore> dataStores)
      • setTypeMappings

        public void setTypeMappings​(Set<TypeMapping> typeMappings)
      • getTypeMappings

        public Set<TypeMapping> getTypeMappings()
      • getBaseSchemasUrl

        public String getBaseSchemasUrl()
        a non null URL for the base location of the resource files in order to serve as the base to resolve relative configuration paths.
      • setBaseSchemasUrl

        public void setBaseSchemasUrl​(String baseSchemasUrl)
        baseSchemasUrl - URL of a resource which's going to be taken as the base location to resolve configuration path elements expressed as relative paths.
      • getCatalog

        public String getCatalog()
      • setCatalog

        public void setCatalog​(String oasisCatalogUri)