Class IndexedMappingFeatureIterator

    • Method Detail

      • selectExecutionPlan

        protected void selectExecutionPlan()
        Analyze query and select a plan: 1.- All fields indexed, execute all query on index layer 2.- Mixed fields indexed and not, execute indexed operators and re-map query to database
      • unrollIndexes

        protected Query unrollIndexes​(Query query)
      • unrollSortBy

        protected SortBy[] unrollSortBy​(SortBy[] sortArray)
      • unrollFilter

        protected Filter unrollFilter​(Filter filter)
      • getFidIndexName

        public String getFidIndexName()
      • isDenormalized

        protected boolean isDenormalized()
      • initializeIndexIterator

        protected void initializeIndexIterator()
                                        throws IOException
        Initialize the index FeatureCollection and iterator
      • transformQueryToIdsOnly

        protected Query transformQueryToIdsOnly()
        Convert query to retrieve only id field, no other fields
        converted Query
      • getIndexQueryProperties

        protected List<PropertyName> getIndexQueryProperties()
      • getNextSourceIdList

        protected List<String> getNextSourceIdList()
        Extracts next id list from index iterator
        list of id string
      • getIndexedAttribute

        protected static AttributeMapping getIndexedAttribute​(FeatureTypeMapping mapping,
                                                              String xpath)
        Search for indexed attribute, including on Nested Features
        indexed attribute xpath, or null if not found