Class ListFeatureCollection

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterable<SimpleFeature>, Collection<SimpleFeature>, SimpleFeatureCollection, FeatureCollection<SimpleFeatureType,​SimpleFeature>

    public class ListFeatureCollection
    extends AbstractFeatureCollection
    implements Collection<SimpleFeature>
    FeatureCollection implementation wrapping around a java.util.List.

    This implementation wraps around a java.util.List and is suitable for quickly getting something on screen.

    Usage notes:

    • This implementation does not use a spatial index, please do not expect spatial operations to be fast.
    • FeatureCollections are not allowed to have duplicates

    This implementation is intended to quickly wrap up a list of features and get them on screen; as such it respects various hints about the copying of internal content as provided by the renderer.

    Oliver Gottwald, Jody
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