Class SelectSampleDimension

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Operation

    public class SelectSampleDimension
    extends Operation2D
    Chooses N sample dimensions from a grid coverage and copies their sample data to the destination grid coverage in the order specified. The "SampleDimensions" parameter specifies the source GridSampleDimension indices, and its size ( SampleDimensions.length) determines the number of sample dimensions of the destination grid coverage. The destination coverage may have any number of sample dimensions, and a particular sample dimension of the source coverage may be repeated in the destination coverage by specifying it multiple times in the "SampleDimensions" parameter.

    Geotools extension:
    This operation can also be used for selecting a different "visible sample dimension". Some images may contain useful data in more than one sample dimension, but renderer the content using only 1 sample dimension at time. The "VisibleSampleDimension" parameter can be used for selecting this sample dimension. If omitted, then the new grid coverage will inherit its source's visible sample dimension.

    Name: "SelectSampleDimension"
    JAI operator: "BandSelect"

    Name Class Default value Minimum value Maximum value
    "Source" GridCoverage2D N/A N/A N/A
    "SampleDimensions" int[] Same as source N/A N/A
    "VisibleSampleDimension" Integer Same as source 0 N/A
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
    See Also:
    Operations.selectSampleDimension(org.geotools.api.coverage.Coverage, int[]), BandSelectDescriptor, Serialized Form
    • Field Detail


        public static final ParameterDescriptor<int[]> SAMPLE_DIMENSIONS
        The parameter descriptor for the sample dimension indices.

        public static final ParameterDescriptor<Integer> VISIBLE_SAMPLE_DIMENSION
        The parameter descriptor for the visible dimension indice. This is a Geotools-specific parameter.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SelectSampleDimension

        public SelectSampleDimension()
        Constructs a default "SelectSampleDimension" operation.
    • Method Detail

      • doOperation

        public Coverage doOperation​(ParameterValueGroup parameters,
                                    Hints hints)
        Applies the band select operation to a grid coverage. This method is invoked by org.geotools.coverage.processing.DefaultProcessor for the "SelectSampleDimension" operation.
        Specified by:
        doOperation in class AbstractOperation
        parameters - List of name value pairs for the parameters.
        hints - A set of rendering hints, or null if none.
        The result as a grid coverage.