Class Scale

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Operation

    public class Scale
    extends BaseScaleOperationJAI
    This operation is simply a wrapper for the JAI scale operation which allows me to arbitrarily scale and translate a rendered image.
    Simone Giannecchini
    See Also:
    ScaleDescriptor, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • Scale

        public Scale()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • createRenderedImage

        protected RenderedImage createRenderedImage​(ParameterBlockJAI parameters,
                                                    RenderingHints hints)
        Description copied from class: OperationJAI
        Applies the JAI operation. The operation name can be fetch from OperationJAI.operation. The JAI instance to use can be fetch from OperationJAI.getJAI(java.awt.RenderingHints). The default implementation returns the following:
         getJAI(hints).createNS(OperationJAI.operation.getName(), parameters, hints)
        Subclasses may override this method in order to invokes a different JAI operation according the parameters.
        createRenderedImage in class OperationJAI
        parameters - The parameters to be given to JAI.
        hints - The rendering hints to be given to JAI.
        The result of JAI operation using the given parameters and hints.
      • handleJAIEXTParams

        protected void handleJAIEXTParams​(ParameterBlockJAI parameters,
                                          ParameterValueGroup parameters2)
        Description copied from class: OperationJAI
        Extension point for adding to the JAI ParameterBlockJAI object the parameters defined in the ParameterValueGroup, which can be read by the JAI-EXT operations.

        Notice that if you are using JAI, the new parameters will not be accepted by the ParameterBlockJAI instance.

        handleJAIEXTParams in class OperationJAI
        parameters - ParameterBlockJAI instance used by the current JAI-EXT/JAI operation
        parameters2 - ParameterValueGroup instance containing input operation parameters
      • getProperties

        protected Map<String,​?> getProperties​(RenderedImage data,
                                                    CoordinateReferenceSystem crs,
                                                    InternationalString name,
                                                    MathTransform gridToCRS,
                                                    GridCoverage2D[] sources,
                                                    OperationJAI.Parameters parameters)
        Description copied from class: OperationJAI
        Prepares the properties to be given to the coverage created by the deriveGridCoverage method. The default implementation returns null.
        getProperties in class OperationJAI
        data - The RenderedImage created by this operation.
        crs - The coordinate reference system assigned to the coverage this OperationJAI will produce.
        name - The name assigned to the coverage this OperationJAI will produce.
        gridToCRS - The transform from grid to crs to be assigned to the coverage this OperationJAI will produce.
        sources - The sources to be assigned to the coverage this OperationJAI will produce.
        parameters - The parameters that were used by this OperationJAI.
        a Map with the properties generated by this OperationJAI or null if we haven't any.