Class CoverageFactoryFinder

  • public final class CoverageFactoryFinder
    extends FactoryFinder
    Defines static methods used to access the application's default factory implementation.
    Martin Desruisseaux
    • Method Detail

      • getGridCoverageFactories

        public static Set<GridCoverageFactory> getGridCoverageFactories​(Hints hints)
        Returns a set of all available implementations for the GridCoverageFactory interface.
        hints - An optional map of hints, or null if none.
        Set of available grid coverage factory implementations.
      • scanForPlugins

        public static void scanForPlugins()
        Scans for factory plug-ins on the application class path. This method is needed because the application class path can theoretically change, or additional plug-ins may become available. Rather than re-scanning the classpath on every invocation of the API, the class path is scanned automatically only on the first invocation. Clients can call this method to prompt a re-scan. Thus this method need only be invoked by sophisticated applications which dynamically make new plug-ins available at runtime.