Interface RecordSchema

  • public interface RecordSchema
    A collection of record types. All schemas possess an associated name space within which the record type names are defined. A schema is a flat data structure, similar to a Java package.

    Record schemas do not provide a hierarchical framework within which data types may be organized. Name spaces, however, do define a hierarchical framework for arbitrary named items. Record schemas can participate in this framework by virtue of the fact that they are all identified by local name or some subclass. A schema's location in the hierarchy can be communicated by getSchemaName().scope().name() .

    GeoAPI 2.1
    Bryce Nordgren (USDA), Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
    • Method Detail

      • getSchemaName

        LocalName getSchemaName()
        Returns the schema name. The scope of the schema name is associated with a name space which fixes this schema to a specific location in the type hierarchy.
      • getDescription

        Map<TypeName,​RecordType> getDescription()
        Returns the dictionary of all (name, record type) pairs in this schema.
      • locate

        RecordType locate​(TypeName name)
        Looks up the provided type name and returns the associated record type. If the type name is not defined within this schema, then this method returns null. This is functionnaly equivalent to getDescription().get(name).