Interface ServiceInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getTitle

        String getTitle()
        Human readable title representing the service.

        The title is used to represent the service in the context of a user interface and should make use of the current Locale if possible.

        title, null if unsupported.
      • getKeywords

        Set<String> getKeywords()
        Keywords associated with this service.

        Maps to the Dublin Core Subject element.

        keywords associated with this service.
      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
        Human readable description of this service.

        This use is understood to be in agreement with "dublin-core", implementors may use either abstract or description as needed.

        • Dublin Core: A textual description of the content of the resource, including abstracts in the case of document-like objects or content descriptions in the case of visual resources. When providing actual dublin-core metadata you can gather up all the description information into a single string for searching.
        • WMS: abstract
        • WFS: abstract
        • shapefile shp.xml information
        Human readable description, may be null.
      • getPublisher

        URI getPublisher()
        Party responsible for providing this service.

        Known mappings:

        • WMS contact info
        • File formats may wish to use the current user, or the last user to modify the file
        URI identifying the publisher of this service
      • getSchema

        URI getSchema()
        A URI used to identify the service type.

        Maps to the Dublin Code Format element.

        • Service type for open web services
        • File format or extension for on disk files
        • XML schema namespace for this service type.

        URI used to identify service type
      • getSource

        URI getSource()
        Returns the service source.

        Maps to the Dublin Core Server Element.

        • Open web services can use the online resource of their capabilies document
        • File formats may wish to use their parent directory

        Source of this service