This datastore implements a very limited portion of the ArcGIS REST API (, which is supported by both ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online.



To include in Geotools code base builds: mvn -P arcgis-rest

Supported features

Specifically, only the FeatureServer services on either ArcGIS Online (Open Data) or ArcGIS Server FeatureServers are covered so far.

FeatureServers, non entire services, are used as endpoints for ArcGIS Servers, because there may be hundreds of different layers, and it seems ESRI throttles back requests, leading to very long times for building feature types.

The main parameter is the API URL, which can take the form of: * ArcGIS Online (Open Data): http://data.<data provider name> * ArcGIS FeaureServer:<daat provider id>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<folder>/FeatureServer

Some services to test: (Open Data catalog)

The first endpoint uses a self-signed certificate, hence you have to add it to Tomcat with the procedure this procedure


ArcGIS REST API >= 10.41


Currently, only a part of the Feature Service ( is implemented, which allows to:

  • It can retrieve a list of available layers from a FeatureServer

  • It can query a layer by bounding box