The GeoTools Main module adds a few more interfaces to the GeoTools API, and provides default implementations for the library.


gt-main module

The gt-main module adds new interfacs to the GeoTools library API:

  • org.geotools.jts integrating geometry from JTS Topology Suite

  • which defines a DataStore API to read and write spatial content

The gt-main module contains the default implementations for the GeoTools API interfaces (Filter, Style, Feature, DataStore, etc…). Implementors will also find abstract base classes in gt-main to use as a starting point for their own implementations.

  • Default implementation gt-api interfaces for Feature, FeatureType, Filter and Style

  • Default set of gt-api Functions for working with spatial data

  • Abstract classes to help implementers of DataStore

Finally gt-main provides different kinds of helper classes to make using everything easier.

  • Utility classes (such as DataUtilities)provide static methods perform common activities.

  • Facades (such as JTS) provide access to module services

  • Builders (SimpleFeatureTypeBuilder) help you construct data structures, collecting all the information provided before using a fatory to create the required object.