Class YsldRepresenter

  • public class YsldRepresenter
    extends Representer
    Represent YSLD JavaBeans Extends the yaml Representer for YSLD-specific representations for Color, UOM (unit of measure) and Tuple.
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      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected Map<Class<? extends Object>,​Tag> classTags  
      protected DumperOptions.NonPrintableStyle nonPrintableStyle  
      protected TimeZone timeZone  
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        defaultFlowStyle, defaultScalarStyle, multiRepresenters, nullRepresenter, objectToRepresent, representedObjects, representers
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      • nonPrintableStyle

        protected DumperOptions.NonPrintableStyle nonPrintableStyle
    • Constructor Detail

      • YsldRepresenter

        public YsldRepresenter​(UomMapper uomMapper)
    • Method Detail

      • getTag

        protected Tag getTag​(Class<?> arg0,
                             Tag arg1)
      • addClassTag

        public Tag addClassTag​(Class<? extends Object> arg0,
                               Tag arg1)
      • getTimeZone

        public TimeZone getTimeZone()
      • setTimeZone

        public void setTimeZone​(TimeZone arg0)