Class XSISimpleTypes.ID

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      • ID

        public ID()
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      • getInstance

        public static SimpleType getInstance()
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Type
        This returns the XML Schema declaration name of this type (both complex and simple types have names ...)
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      • getValue

        public Object getValue​(Element element,
                               ElementValue[] value,
                               Attributes attrs,
                               Map<String,​Object> hints)
        Description copied from interface: Type
        This method is intended to receive the child elements in the form of ElementValues (@see ElementValue). Recall that this is a pairing containing a reference to the type and the actual value (do not call .getValue on the types). This should return the real value (interpreted value) for this element based on it's children. Remember, this is a XML is a tree structure, so if you don't include some children, they are gone forever (so be careful when ignoring data).

        If the element had #CData (Nested Child Text), this will appear in the first slot, with a null Element.

        A SAXNotSupportedException should be thrown when the child's [inherited, default implementation of getValue(ElementValue[],Attributes)] method should be used.

        See Also:
        schema.Type#getValue(java.lang.Object, org.xml.sax.Attributes)
      • getInstanceType

        public Class getInstanceType()
        Description copied from interface: Type
        This will return the intended Java Class for this element type. For generic complex types this will be an object array. SimpleTypes will match as they are parsed, and custom extensions will also return the appropriate class value.
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