Class XLinkSchema.Href

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    public static class XLinkSchema.Href
    extends XLinkSchema.XLinkAttribute
    Href purpose.

    Represents an Href Attribute in the XLink Schema

    dzwiers, Refractions Research, Inc., $Author:$ (last modification)
    • Constructor Detail

      • Href

        public Href​(int use)
        Href constructor.

        Creates an instance of the Href Attribute of the XLink Schema

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      • Href

        public Href()
        Href constructor

        Creates an instance of the Href Attribute of the XLink Schema. Sets the usage to Optional.

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      • getInstance

        public static Attribute getInstance()
        Returns a copy of the default instance.
        A default instance
      • getFixed

        public String getFixed()
        Description copied from interface: Attribute
        This is intended to imitate the fixed value option provided in the declaration of an XML Schema attribute.
        Fixed Value as a String or Null
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Attribute
        The name of the attribute specified if one was provided in the attribute declaration
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      • getUse

        public int getUse()
        Description copied from interface: Attribute
        Attributes only have three options for the number or occurences: none, once, optionally once. This method returns the mask which represents the use of this attribute.
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      • getSimpleType

        public SimpleType getSimpleType()
        Description copied from interface: Attribute
        Provides a reference to the simpleType which defines the data type of this attribute.
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