Class DocumentWriter

  • public class DocumentWriter
    extends Object
    This is the thing that writes documents.

    This will create valid XML documents, given an object and a schema.

    • Field Detail

      • logger

        public static final Logger logger

        public static final String WRITE_SCHEMA
        Writer ... include the key to represent true when writing to files, include a Writer to write to otherwise.
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        public static final String BASE_ELEMENT
        Element or String ... include a ref to an Element to be used, or a string representing the name of the element
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final String SCHEMA_ORDER
        Schema[] or String[]... The order to search the schemas for a valid element, either an array of ref to Schema instances or an Array or TargetNamespaces
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      • ENCODING

        public static final String ENCODING
        The Encoding which should be used for the Document which should be created.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final String USE_NEAREST
        boolean ... include the key to use the "nearest" strategy for searching schemas. This will be ignored if a schema order was set. When not included the schema order as they appear in the orginal schema will be used.
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        public static final String SCHEMA_LOCATION_HINT
        a map of URI->URI representing targetNamespace->Location
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DocumentWriter

        public DocumentWriter()