Interface TPKZoomLevel

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    TPKZoomLevelV1, TPKZoomLevelV2

    public interface TPKZoomLevel
    A TPK file contains one or more zoom levels This interface is an abstraction of a zoom level providing the coverage values of the zoom level (minColumn, minRow, maxColumn, maxRow) and the ability to retrieve tiles for a particular coverage in that zoom level.

    A zoom level can consist of multiple bundle/bundle index files; the zoomLevel interface abstracts this away from the caller.

    • Method Detail

      • setTPKandEntryMap

        void setTPKandEntryMap​(ZipFile theTPK,
                               Map<String,​ZipEntry> zipEntryMap)
      • getTiles

        List<TPKTile> getTiles​(long top,
                               long bottom,
                               long left,
                               long right,
                               String format)
      • releaseResources

        void releaseResources()
      • getZoomLevel

        long getZoomLevel()
      • getMinRow

        long getMinRow()
      • getMaxRow

        long getMaxRow()
      • getMinColumn

        long getMinColumn()
      • getMaxColumn

        long getMaxColumn()