Class OSMTileIdentifier

  • public class OSMTileIdentifier
    extends TileIdentifier
    The TileIdentifier implementation for the OpenStreetMap family. This identifier follows the grid logic of similar implementations. Please refer to the OpenStreetMap Wiki for the exact description.
    Ugo Taddei
    • Constructor Detail

      • OSMTileIdentifier

        public OSMTileIdentifier​(int x,
                                 int y,
                                 ZoomLevel zoomLevel,
                                 String serviceName)
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public String getId()
        Description copied from class: TileIdentifier
        Gets the id of a tile, which can be used for caching purposes.

        The id is a file-friendly name (that is, should contains no special characters such as ".", "/", etc. The id should be build from the code (which also uniquely identifies a tile, but, in some service implementation may contain file-unfriendly characters (e.g. OpenStreetMap: 5/16/10.png).

        When building an id, you should use the service name as a prefix (e.g. for OpenStreetMap: "Mapnik", "CycleMap"; Bing Maps: "Road", "Hybrid"; etc) and suffix the id with a file-friendly string (e.g. OpenStreetMap: "Mapnik_X_Y_Z").

        Specified by:
        getId in class TileIdentifier
      • getCode

        public String getCode()
        Description copied from class: TileIdentifier
        Gets the code of a tile.

        The id is a string which uniquely identifies a tile. In some service implementations this is a quadkey (e.g. Bing Maps: "03123") or the fragment of the tile image (e.g. OpenStreetMap: 5/16/10.png, for Z/X/Y.png).

        Specified by:
        getCode in class TileIdentifier
        the code