Class PropertiesFileFinder

  • public class PropertiesFileFinder
    extends Object
    Searches for properties files in a resource directory within the gt-swing module and records the Locales supported by each file. This is a helper for LocaleUtils.

    Normally, the scan(String) method will be responding to a call from outside this class's jar, either directly or indirectly. An example of an indirect outside call is when an application calls a LocaleUtils method which in turn calls the scan method. In this case, the resource directory is searched by scanning the relevant entries in the gt-swing jar.

    For completeness, and to aid unit testing, calls from within the swing module are also supported. In this case the resource directory is accessed as a local File object.

    Michael Bedward
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      • PropertiesFileFinder

        public PropertiesFileFinder()
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