Class StyledShapePainter

  • public class StyledShapePainter
    extends Object
    A simple class that knows how to paint a Shape object onto a Graphic given a Style2D. It's the last step of the rendering engine, and has been factored out since both renderers do use the same painting logic.
    Andrea Aime
    • Field Detail


        public static boolean ROUND_ICON_COORDS
        Whether icon centers should be matched to a pixel center, or not

        public static boolean OPTIMIZE_VECTOR_HATCH_FILLS
        Whether to apply the new vector hatch fill optimization, or not (on by default, this is just a safeguard)
    • Constructor Detail

      • StyledShapePainter

        public StyledShapePainter()
      • StyledShapePainter

        public StyledShapePainter​(LabelCache cache)
    • Method Detail

      • paint

        public void paint​(Graphics2D graphics,
                          LiteShape2 shape,
                          Style2D style,
                          double scale,
                          boolean isLabelObstacle)
        Invoked automatically when a polyline is about to be draw. This implementation paints the polyline according to the rendered style
        graphics - The graphics in which to draw.
        shape - The polygon to draw.
        style - The style to apply, or null if none.
        scale - The scale denominator for the current zoom level
      • paint

        public void paint​(Graphics2D graphics,
                          LiteShape2 shape,
                          GraphicLegend legend,
                          double symbolScale,
                          boolean isLabelObstacle)
        Paints a GraphicLegend in the supplied graphics
        graphics - The graphics in which to draw.
        shape - The shape to draw.
        legend - The legend to apply.
        symbolScale - The scale of the symbol, if the legend graphic has to be rescaled
      • paintGraphicFill

        protected void paintGraphicFill​(Graphics2D graphics,
                                        Shape shape,
                                        Style2D graphicFill,
                                        double scale)
        Paints a graphic fill for a given shape.
        graphics - Graphics2D on which to paint.
        shape - Shape whose fill is to be painted.
        graphicFill - a Style2D that specified the graphic fill.
        scale - the scale of the current render.