Class WrappingProjectionHandler

  • public class WrappingProjectionHandler
    extends ProjectionHandler
    A ProjectionHandler for projections that do warp in the East/West direction, it will replicate the geometries generating a Google Maps like effect
    Andrea Aime - OpenGeo
    • Field Detail


        protected static final String PREFLIPPED_OBJECT
        The user data key to indicate that the geometry was pre-flipped
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final double DATELINE_PROXIMITY_TOLERANCE
        The tolerance to consider a geometry without touching both datelines. Derived using trial and error. Any smaller and Antarctica-like polygons are incorrectly tagged.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • setProjectionParameters

        public void setProjectionParameters​(Map<String,​Object> projectionParameters)
        Set one of the supported projection parameters: - datelineWrappingCheckEnabled (boolean) if false disables the heuristic for dateline wrapping check (true by default)
        setProjectionParameters in class ProjectionHandler
      • postProcess

        public Geometry postProcess​(MathTransform mt,
                                    Geometry geometry)
        Description copied from class: ProjectionHandler
        Processes the geometry already projected to the target SRS. May return null if the geometry is not to be drawn.
        postProcess in class ProjectionHandler
        mt - optional reverse transformation to facilitate unwrapping
      • isDatelineWrappingCheckEnabled

        public boolean isDatelineWrappingCheckEnabled()
      • setDatelineWrappingCheckEnabled

        public void setDatelineWrappingCheckEnabled​(boolean datelineWrappingCheckEnabled)
        Enables the check using the "half world" heuristic on the input geometries, if larger it assumes they spanned the dateline. Enabled by default