Interface Renderer2D

  • public interface Renderer2D
    Renderer draws a map on behalf on MapPane. It determines what features to draw, bounding box, size, and style from the context.
    Cameron Shorter
    REVISIT Renderer2D should extend Renderer once Renderer has been cleaned up.
    • Method Detail

      • paint

        void paint​(Graphics2D graphics,
                   Rectangle paintArea,
                   AffineTransform transform)
        Render features based on the, bounding box and org.geotools.styling.Style specified in the context.
        graphics - The graphics handler to draw to.
        paintArea - The bounds of the output area in output units (usually pixels). The upper left corner is (0,0) in most cases. However, a different value is allowed if some widget area must be preserved, for example a margin on the left and top size for painting a graduation.
        transform - A transform which converts "World coordinates" to output coordinates. This transform will be concatenated to the graphics transform (as of graphics.transform(transform)) before the rendering take place.