Interface RenderListener

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    public interface RenderListener
    A RenderListener is notified each time a feature is rendered and each time an error occurs during rendering. Therefore VERY LITTLE WORK should be done in the listener!!!
    • Method Detail

      • featureRenderer

        void featureRenderer​(SimpleFeature feature)
        Reports that a specific feature has been rendered. The same feature might be reported multiple times, if
      • errorOccurred

        void errorOccurred​(Exception e)
        Reports a rendering error. The rendering is not normally stopped on it, a listener that wants to stop it can call GTRenderer.stopRendering()
      • layerStart

        default void layerStart​(Layer layer)
        Event issued when the layer begins rendering.
      • layerEnd

        default void layerEnd​(Layer layer)
        Event issued when the layer completed rendering. May not be issued.
      • labellingStart

        default void labellingStart()
        Event issued when labelling starts. May not be issued if there are no labels to paint.
      • labellingEnd

        default void labellingEnd()
        Event issued when labelling ends. May not be issued.
      • renderingComplete

        default void renderingComplete()
        Event issued when rendering ends. Always issued.