Class TransparencyFillOpImage

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    RenderedImage, ImageJAI, PropertyChangeEmitter, PropertySource, WritablePropertySource

    public class TransparencyFillOpImage
    extends AreaOpImage
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        cache, cobbleSources, OP_COMPUTE_BOUND, OP_IO_BOUND, OP_NETWORK_BOUND, tileCacheMetric, tileRecycler
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        colorModel, eventManager, height, minX, minY, properties, sampleModel, tileFactory, tileGridXOffset, tileGridYOffset, tileHeight, tileWidth
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      protected void computeRect​(Raster[] sources, WritableRaster dest, Rectangle destRect)
      Performs fill on a specified rectangle.
      Vector<RenderedImage> getSources()  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TransparencyFillOpImage

        public TransparencyFillOpImage​(RenderedImage source,
                                       BorderExtender extender,
                                       TransparencyFillDescriptor.FillType type,
                                       Map config,
                                       ImageLayout layout,
                                       Number noData,
                                       Integer width)
        Creates a TransparencyFillOpImage given a ParameterBlock containing the image source. The image dimensions are derived from the source image. The tile grid layout, SampleModel, and ColorModel may optionally be specified by an ImageLayout object.
        source - a RenderedImage.
        extender - a BorderExtender, or null.
        type - a TransparencyFillDescriptor.FillType type to be used for transparency filling
        layout - an ImageLayout optionally containing the tile grid layout, SampleModel, and ColorModel, or null.
    • Method Detail

      • computeRect

        protected void computeRect​(Raster[] sources,
                                   WritableRaster dest,
                                   Rectangle destRect)
        Performs fill on a specified rectangle. The sources are cobbled.
        computeRect in class OpImage
        sources - an array of source Rasters, guaranteed to provide all necessary source data for computing the output.
        dest - a WritableRaster tile containing the area to be computed.
        destRect - the rectangle within dest to be processed.