Class AbstractGetTileRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractGetTileRequest

        public AbstractGetTileRequest​(URL onlineResource,
                                      Properties properties)
        Constructs a GetMapRequest. The data passed in represents valid values that can be used.
        onlineResource - the location that the request should be applied to
        properties - pre-set properties to be used. Can be null.
      • AbstractGetTileRequest

        public AbstractGetTileRequest​(URL onlineResource,
                                      Properties properties,
                                      HTTPClient client)
    • Method Detail

      • initVersion

        protected abstract void initVersion()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Sets up the version number for this request. Typically something like setProperty("VERSION", "1.1.1");
        Specified by:
        initVersion in class AbstractRequest
      • setStyle

        public void setStyle​(String styleName)
        Sets the style name for the request
        Specified by:
        setStyle in interface GetTileRequest
      • getFormat

        public String getFormat()
      • setTileMatrixSet

        public void setTileMatrixSet​(String tileMatrixSet)
        Sets the tileMatrixSet for the request.
        Specified by:
        setTileMatrixSet in interface GetTileRequest
      • getTileMatrixSet

        protected String getTileMatrixSet()
        Returns the tileMatrixSet for the request
      • getTileMatrix

        public String getTileMatrix()
      • getTileRow

        protected Integer getTileRow()
      • getTileCol

        protected Integer getTileCol()
      • getRequestedTime

        protected String getRequestedTime()
      • getHeaders

        public Map<String,​String> getHeaders()
        Description copied from interface: GetTileRequest
        HTTP headers required for some WMTS *
        Specified by:
        getHeaders in interface GetTileRequest
      • createTemplateUrl

        protected abstract String createTemplateUrl​(String tileMatrixSetName)
        Used when creating WMTSTileService's based on a templateUrl.

        If the server supports RESTful calls. It will use that. Otherwise it will create a similar template for KVP requests.

        tileMatrixSetName - the name of the tileMatrixSet. This is expected to be UTF-8 encoded
        template URL used containing placeholders for request parameters
      • getTemplateUrl

        public String getTemplateUrl()
        Returns the resourceUrl specified in capabilities for a RESTful GetTile request.

        Connected to a separate layer and format