Class AbstractGetStylesRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractGetStylesRequest

        public AbstractGetStylesRequest​(URL onlineResource,
                                        Properties properties)
    • Method Detail

      • initVersion

        protected abstract void initVersion()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Sets up the version number for this request. Typically something like setProperty("VERSION", "1.1.1");
        Specified by:
        initVersion in class AbstractRequest
      • setLayers

        public void setLayers​(String layers)
        Specified by:
        setLayers in interface GetStylesRequest
        layers - comma-separated list of named layers for which to retrieve style descriptions
      • setSLDver

        public void setSLDver​(String sldVer)
        Specified by:
        setSLDver in interface GetStylesRequest
        sldVer - the SLD version requested for the SLD document