Class WMSCapabilities

  • public class WMSCapabilities
    extends Capabilities
    Represents a base object for a WMS getCapabilities response.
    Richard Gould, Refractions Research
    • Constructor Detail

      • WMSCapabilities

        public WMSCapabilities()
    • Method Detail

      • getLayer

        public Layer getLayer()
        Get the root layer, the contents of the Web Map Server are the children of this layer.
        The "root" Layer for the Web Map Server
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(String version)
        setVersion in class Capabilities
        version - The version to set.
      • setLayer

        public void setLayer​(Layer layer)
      • getLayerList

        public List<Layer> getLayerList()
        Access a flat view of the layers available in the WMS.

        The information available here is the same as doing a top down walk of all the layers available via getLayer().

        List of all available layers
      • getRequest

        public WMSRequest getRequest()
        The request contains information about possible Requests that can be made against this server, including URLs and formats.
        Returns the request.
      • setRequest

        public void setRequest​(WMSRequest request)
        request - The request to set.
      • getExceptions

        public String[] getExceptions()
        Exceptions declare what kind of formats this server can return exceptions in. They are used during subsequent requests.
      • setExceptions

        public void setExceptions​(String[] exceptions)