Class WMS1_0_0.GetMapRequest

    • Constructor Detail

      • GetMapRequest

        public GetMapRequest​(URL onlineResource)
        Constructs a GetMapRequest for use with a 1.0.0 server
        onlineResource - the URL for server's GetMap request
    • Method Detail

      • initVersion

        protected void initVersion()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Sets up the version number for this request. Typically something like setProperty("VERSION", "1.1.1");
        Specified by:
        initVersion in class AbstractGetMapRequest
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(String name,
                                String value)
        Description copied from interface: Request
        Sets the name/value property for this request.

        Note that when using this method, it is up to the programmer to provide their own encoding of value according to the OWS specifications! The code will not do this for you.

        Different OWS specifications define different ways to do this. There are notorious differences between WMS 1.1.1 (section 6.2.1) and WMS 1.3.0 (section 6.3.2) for example.

        If value is null, "name" is removed from the properties table.

        Specified by:
        setProperty in interface Request
        setProperty in class AbstractRequest
        name - the name of the property
        value - the value of the property
      • setExceptions

        public void setExceptions​(String exceptions)
        Description copied from class: AbstractGetMapRequest
        The exceptions type specifies what format the server should return exceptions in.

        Valid values are:

        • "application/vnd.ogc.se_xml" (the default)
        • "application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage"
        • "application/vnd.ogc.se_blank"
        Specified by:
        setExceptions in interface GetMapRequest
        setExceptions in class AbstractGetMapRequest
      • getRequestException

        protected String getRequestException​(String exception)
      • getRequestFormat

        protected String getRequestFormat​(String format)
      • processKey

        protected String processKey​(String key)
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Some Open Web Servers do not abide by the fact that parameter keys should be case insensitive.

        This method will allow a specification to determine the way that the parameter keys should be encoded in requests made by the server.

        processKey in class AbstractRequest
        key - the key to be processed
        the key, after being processed. (made upper case, for example)
      • createResponse

        public Response createResponse​(HTTPResponse httpResponse)
                                throws ServiceException,
        Description copied from interface: Request
        Each Request must know how to create it's counterpart Response. Given the content type and input stream (containin the response data), this method must return an appropriate Response object.