Class RangeBinding

    • Constructor Detail

      • RangeBinding

        public RangeBinding​(EFactory factory,
                            QName target)
    • Method Detail

      • setProperty

        protected void setProperty​(EObject eObject,
                                   String property,
                                   Object value,
                                   boolean lax)
        Description copied from class: AbstractComplexEMFBinding
        Internal method for reflectively setting the property of an eobject.

        Subclasses may override.

        setProperty in class AbstractComplexEMFBinding
      • getProperty

        public Object getProperty​(Object object,
                                  QName name)
                           throws Exception
        Description copied from class: AbstractComplexEMFBinding
        Uses EMF reflection dynamically return the property with the specified name.

        In the case that the name of a child element or attributes does not match the name of a property on the object, subclasses may wish to extend this method and set the property explicitly.

        Specified by:
        getProperty in interface ComplexBinding
        getProperty in class AbstractComplexEMFBinding
        object - The object being encoded.
        name - The name of the property to obtain.
        The value of the property, or null.
        See Also:
        ComplexBinding.getProperty(Object, QName)