Class EscapeSql

  • public class EscapeSql
    extends Object
    Perform basic SQL validation on input string. This is to allow safe encoding of parameters that must contain quotes, while still protecting users from SQL injection.

    We prevent SQL from breaking out of quotes by replacing any quotes in input stream with double quotes. Backslashes are too risky to allow so are removed completely

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      static String escapeLiteral​(String literal, boolean escapeBackslash, boolean escapeDoubleQuote)  
      static String escapeSql​(String str)  
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      • EscapeSql

        public EscapeSql()
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      • escapeLiteral

        public static String escapeLiteral​(String literal,
                                           boolean escapeBackslash,
                                           boolean escapeDoubleQuote)
      • escapeSql

        public static String escapeSql​(String str)