Class NetCDFCRSUtilities

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        public static final GeometryFactory GEOM_FACTORY

        public static final Set<String> VERTICAL_AXIS_NAMES

        public static final String CONVERT_AXIS_KM_KEY
        this flag states if an automatic conversion from km to m should happen with axis/coordinates
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NetCDFCRSUtilities

        public NetCDFCRSUtilities()
    • Method Detail

      • setConvertAxisKm

        public static void setConvertAxisKm​(boolean convertAxisKm)
        Provides means to override flag CONVERT_AXIS_KM_KEY in runtime.
      • buildVerticalCrs

        public static VerticalCRS buildVerticalCrs​(CoordinateAxis zAxis)
      • buildTemporalCrs

        public static TemporalCRS buildTemporalCrs​(CoordinateAxis timeAxis)
      • getCoordinateSystem

        public static CoordinateSystem getCoordinateSystem​(VariableDS variableDS)
      • isConvertAxisKm

        public static boolean isConvertAxisKm()
        Return true if the NetCDF CRS Parsing machinery will convert km coordinates to meter