Class HTTPClientFinder

  • public class HTTPClientFinder
    extends FactoryFinder
    Factory finder for getting instances of HTTPClientFactory. All implementations should be registered as a file with name org.geotools.http.HTTPClientFactory in META_INF/services of their respective jar.

    To pick a particular implementation the hint HTTP_CLIENT_FACTORY could be set to the full class name, either in the function call, or by Java property.

    Roar Brænden
    • Method Detail

      • createClient

        public static HTTPClient createClient()
        Get default HTTP client. Can be adjusted by setting property "org.geotools.http.client".
      • createClient

        public static HTTPClient createClient​(Hints hints)
        Get a special HTTP client by specifying hint HTTP_CLIENT_FACTORY or HTTP_CLIENT

        Merges with system defaults

        hints -
      • reset

        public static void reset()
        Makes sure a call for getServiceRegistry will do a clean scan