Class Envelopes

  • public class Envelopes
    extends Object
    A helper class to create bounding envelopes with width and height that are simple multiples of a given resolution.
     // Example of use: creating an envlope with 'neat' lat-lon bounds
     // that encompasses a set of features
     SimpleFeatureSource featureSource = ...
     ReferencedEnvelope featureBounds = featureSource.getBounds();
     ReferencedEnvelope latLonEnv = featureBounds.transform(DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84, true);
     // 1 degree grid resoluation
     final double gridSize = 1.0;
     ReferencedEnvelope gridBounds = Envelopes.expandToInclude(latLonEnv, gridSize);
    • Constructor Detail

      • Envelopes

        public Envelopes()
    • Method Detail

      • expandToInclude

        public static ReferencedEnvelope expandToInclude​(ReferencedEnvelope srcEnv,
                                                         double resolution)
        Include the provided envelope, expanding as necessary and rounding the bounding coordinates such that they are multiples of the specified resolution. For example, if resolution is 100 then the min and max bounding coordinates of this envelope will set to mutliples of 100 by rounding down the min values and rounding up the max values if required.
         // Example, create a new envelope that cntains an input envlope and
         // whose boundind coordinates are multiples of 100
         ReferencedEnvelope inputEnv = ...
         ReferencedEnvelope roundedEnv = new ReferencedEnvelope();
         roundedEnv.expandToInclude(inputEnv, 100);
        srcEnv - the envelope to include
        resolution - resolution (in world distance units) of the resulting boundary coordinates
        a new envelope with 'rounded' bounding coordinates