Class LineStringTypeBinding

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    Binding, ComplexBinding
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    public class LineStringTypeBinding
    extends AbstractComplexBinding
    Binding object for the type

      <complexType name="LineStringType">
              <documentation>A LineString is a special curve that consists of a single segment with linear interpolation. It is defined by two or more coordinate
                              tuples, with linear interpolation between them. It is backwards compatible with the LineString of GML 2, GM_LineString of ISO 19107 is
                              implemented by LineStringSegment.</documentation>
              <extension base="gml:AbstractCurveType">
                              <documentation>GML supports two different ways to specify the control points of a line string. 1. A sequence of "pos"
                                                              (DirectPositionType) or "pointProperty" (PointPropertyType) elements. "pos" elements are control points that are only part
                                                              of this curve, "pointProperty" elements contain a point that may be referenced from other geometry elements or reference
                                                              another point defined outside of this curve (reuse of existing points). 2. The "posList" element allows for a compact way to
                                                              specifiy the coordinates of the control points, if all control points are in the same coordinate reference systems and belong
                                                              to this curve only. The number of direct positions in the list must be at least two.</documentation>
                          <choice maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="2">
                              <element ref="gml:pos"/>
                              <element ref="gml:pointProperty"/>
                              <element ref="gml:pointRep">
                                      <documentation>Deprecated with GML version 3.1.0. Use "pointProperty" instead. Included for backwards compatibility
                                                                              with GML 3.0.0.</documentation>
                              <element ref="gml:coord">
                                      <documentation>Deprecated with GML version 3.0. Use "pos" instead. The "coord" element is included for backwards
                                                                              compatibility with GML 2.</documentation>
                          <element ref="gml:posList"/>
                          <element ref="gml:coordinates">
                                  <documentation>Deprecated with GML version 3.1.0. Use "posList" instead.</documentation>
    • Constructor Detail

      • LineStringTypeBinding

        public LineStringTypeBinding​(GeometryFactory gFactory,
                                     CoordinateSequenceFactory csFactory)
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      • getTarget

        public QName getTarget()
        The qualified name of the target for the binding.
      • getType

        public Class getType()
        The java type this binding maps to.
      • parse

        public Object parse​(ElementInstance instance,
                            Node node,
                            Object value)
                     throws Exception
        Specified by:
        parse in interface ComplexBinding
        parse in class AbstractComplexBinding
        instance - The element being parsed.
        node - The node in the parse tree representing the element being parsed.
        value - The result of the parse from another strategy in the type hierarchy. Could be null if this is the first strategy being executed.
        The parsed object, or null if the component could not be parsed.
        Exception - Strategy objects should not attempt to handle any exceptions.