Interface GMLDelegate

    • Method Detail

      • getFeatureProperties

        List getFeatureProperties​(SimpleFeature f,
                                  XSDElementDeclaration element,
                                  Encoder e)
        Lists all properties that should be encoded for a given feature
        f - A sample feature
        element - The xml element holding the feature type
        e - The encoder
      • createEnvelopeEncoder

        ObjectEncoder createEnvelopeEncoder​(Encoder e)
        Creates the envelope encoder
      • registerGeometryEncoders

        void registerGeometryEncoders​(Map<Class,​GeometryEncoder<? extends Geometry>> encoders,
                                      Encoder encoder)
        Registers all the geometry encoders for this GML version in a map, by geometry class (different versions support different types of geometries, e.g., GML3 supports also curved ones)
      • setGeometryDimensionAttribute

        void setGeometryDimensionAttribute​(AttributesImpl srsatts,
                                           int dimension)
        Sets the dimensions attribute, if available for the current GML version
      • initFidAttribute

        void initFidAttribute​(AttributesImpl atts)
        Initializes an empty feature id attribute, the attribute must be the first one in "atts"
      • startFeatures

        void startFeatures​(GMLWriter handler)
                    throws Exception
        Writes whatever per collection preamble is needed in this GML version
      • startFeature

        void startFeature​(GMLWriter handler)
                   throws Exception
        Writes whatever per feature preamble is needed in this GML version
      • supportsTuples

        boolean supportsTuples()
        Returns true if tuple encoding is supported in this standard
      • getSchema

        XSD getSchema()
        The XSD schema used by this GML version
      • getNumDecimals

        int getNumDecimals()
        Number of decimals used in the output
      • forceDecimalEncoding

        boolean forceDecimalEncoding()
        Returns true if coordinates should be encoded as xs:decimal instead of xs:double
      • padWithZeros

        boolean padWithZeros()
        Returns true if coordinates should be right-padded with zeros up to the requested number of decimals.
      • getEncodeMeasures

        default boolean getEncodeMeasures()
        Controls if coordinates measures should be included in WFS outputs.
        TRUE if measures should be encoded, otherwise FALSE