Class PackedLineIterator

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    public final class PackedLineIterator
    extends AbstractLiteIterator
    A path iterator for the LiteShape class, specialized to iterate over LineString object.
    Andrea Aime
    • Constructor Detail

      • PackedLineIterator

        public PackedLineIterator​(LineString ls,
                                  AffineTransform at,
                                  boolean generalize,
                                  float maxDistance)
        Creates a new instance of LineIterator
        ls - The line string the iterator will use
        at - The affine transform applied to coordinates during iteration
    • Method Detail

      • setMaxDistance

        public void setMaxDistance​(float distance)
        Sets the distance limit for point skipping during distance based generalization
        distance - the maximum distance for point skipping
      • getMaxDistance

        public double getMaxDistance()
        Returns the distance limit for point skipping during distance based generalization
        the maximum distance for distance based generalization
      • currentSegment

        public int currentSegment​(float[] coords)
        Returns the coordinates and type of the current path segment in the iteration. The return value is the path-segment type: SEG_MOVETO, SEG_LINETO, SEG_QUADTO, SEG_CUBICTO, or SEG_CLOSE. A double array of length 6 must be passed in and can be used to store the coordinates of the point(s). Each point is stored as a pair of double x,y coordinates. SEG_MOVETO and SEG_LINETO types returns one point, SEG_QUADTO returns two points, SEG_CUBICTO returns 3 points and SEG_CLOSE does not return any points.
        Specified by:
        currentSegment in interface PathIterator
        currentSegment in class AbstractLiteIterator
        coords - an array that holds the data returned from this method
        the path-segment type of the current path segment.
        See Also:
        PathIterator.SEG_MOVETO, PathIterator.SEG_LINETO, PathIterator.SEG_QUADTO, PathIterator.SEG_CUBICTO, PathIterator.SEG_CLOSE
      • isDone

        public boolean isDone()
        Tests if the iteration is complete.
        true if all the segments have been read; false otherwise.
      • next

        public void next()
        Moves the iterator to the next segment of the path forwards along the primary direction of traversal as long as there are more points in that direction.