Class RendererUtilities

  • public final class RendererUtilities
    extends Object
    This is a reduced copy of RenderUtilities found in the render module, to avoid adding a dependency on it while using only a few methods
    • Method Detail

      • worldToScreenTransform

        public static AffineTransform worldToScreenTransform​(ReferencedEnvelope mapExtent,
                                                             Rectangle paintArea)
        Sets up the affine transform

        NOTE It is worth to note that here we do not take into account the half a pixel translation stated by ogc for coverages bounds. One reason is that WMS 1.1.1 does not follow it!!!

        mapExtent - the map extent
        paintArea - the size of the rendering output area
        a transform that maps from real world coordinates to the screen
      • createMapEnvelope

        public static Envelope createMapEnvelope​(Rectangle paintArea,
                                                 AffineTransform worldToScreen)
                                          throws NoninvertibleTransformException
        Creates the map's bounding box in real world coordinates.
        worldToScreen - a transform which converts World coordinates to screen pixel coordinates. No assumptions are done on axis order as this is assumed to be pre-calculated. The affine transform may specify an rotation, in case the envelope will encompass the complete (rotated) world polygon.
        paintArea - the size of the rendering output area
        the envelope in world coordinates corresponding to the screen rectangle.