Class NullPropertyAccessorFactory

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    public class NullPropertyAccessorFactory
    extends Object
    implements PropertyAccessorFactory
    This class supports the use of Expression/NIL for referring to a 'null' value.
    Niels Charlier, Curtin University Of Technology
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      • NullPropertyAccessorFactory

        public NullPropertyAccessorFactory()
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      • createPropertyAccessor

        public PropertyAccessor createPropertyAccessor​(Class type,
                                                       String xpath,
                                                       Class target,
                                                       Hints hints)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyAccessorFactory
        Creates a property accessor for a particular class.
        Specified by:
        createPropertyAccessor in interface PropertyAccessorFactory
        type - The type of object to be accessed.
        xpath - The xpath expression to evaluate.
        target - The kind of result we are expecting (ie Geometry)
        hints - Hints to be used when creatign the accessor.
        The property accessor, or null if this factory cannot create an accessor for the specified type.