Class AbstractExpressionVisitor

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    public class AbstractExpressionVisitor
    extends Object
    implements ExpressionVisitor
    Empty "abstract" implementation of ExpressionVisitor. Subclasses should override desired methods.
    Cory Horner, Refractions Research Inc.
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      Object visit​(Add expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(Divide expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(Function expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(Literal expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(Multiply expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(NilExpression expr, Object extraData)
      Used to visit a Expression.NIL, also called for null where an expression is expected.
      Object visit​(PropertyName expr, Object extraData)  
      Object visit​(Subtract expr, Object extraData)  
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      • AbstractExpressionVisitor

        public AbstractExpressionVisitor()