Class SortByImpl

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    public class SortByImpl
    extends Object
    implements SortBy
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      • getPropertyName

        public PropertyName getPropertyName()
        Description copied from interface: SortBy
        Indicate property to sort by, specification is limited to PropertyName.

        Not sure if this is allowed to be a xPath expression?

        • It would be consist with our use in GeoTools
        • It would not seem to agree with the short hand notation used by WFS1.1 (ie. "year A, month A, day A" )
        Specified by:
        getPropertyName in interface SortBy
        Name of property to sort by.
      • setPropertyName

        public void setPropertyName​(PropertyName propertyName)
      • setSortOrder

        public void setSortOrder​(SortOrder sortOrder)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object